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It is a Common saying that you are what you eat. It is very important to keep a check about what are you giving to your body.

For keeping oneself healthy and strong mostly desk workers bring thier lunch from home.But, it has some major issues.

Firstly, by the lunch time, lunch gets cold and doesnot feel term papers written fresh. and if it is reheated it often losses its teaste.

Seconldy, it is also difficult in busy morning routine to prepare and pack office lunch.

To cater these issues we have came up with the idea os Khana.pk.

Through Khana.pk one can enjoy home made  and fresh lunch packed with love and care. As it is home made it is also healthy and hygenic.

khana.pk is offering variety of cusines. We have desi food, continental and asloa corner for those who prefer to eat clean.

Khana.pk is also very affordable. Anyone can enjoy meal of his choice without any hassel.

Waqqas Jabbar


Rabbiya Tariq




“I get way too much happiness from good food”

Elizabeth Olsen

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